Caffè SCURO® is very pleased to announce our new SCURO® ON THE GO project and the official opening in Europe this month.

SCURO® ON THE GO is an easy to operate, low cost coffee store engineered to operate without the use of power or plumbing, ECO friendly due to low energy consumption and the ability to operate anywhere anytime super easy.

Fast turnaround time from build to opening and easy to operate without any training for an experienced barista.

Our first SCURO® ON THE GO is now officially open in the city center of Bratislava in Slovakia, welcoming all our Slovakian customers to experience our extraordinary rich and flavorful Italian espresso and chocolate products. Taste a bit of Italy in Bratislava. Find it daily near Stupava market.

The second SCURO® ON THE GO opening it’s doors to the public soon, with more info to follow.

Please contact us for any inquiries about our SCURO® ON THE GO stores. Open yours today with Zero franchising fee!

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