SCURO Coffee Community Involvement

At Caffe’ Scuro, we care about our farmers and their communities.

Bringing people together is at the core of our business; providing some with a great place to work, while providing others with a great business ownership opportunity. But our involvement in the community doesn’t stop there.

Scuro Coffee Industry Alliances

Our company is also a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), a global assembly of coffee industry professionals that focuses on research and reporting of industry trends. Through the power of shared knowledge, our coffee franchise stays ahead of the curve. And by tapping into the right information, we’re able to continuously fine tune our product line for customers around the globe. In the end, our association with creative forces in the specialty coffee arena has a positive impact on the bottom line of our franchise, helping every franchisee realize their dreams as highly successful coffee business owners.

Water Wells for Africa

 We also realize that while our customers are enjoying our coffee products everywhere, even the basic necessities of life like clean drinking water are lacking for many people in certain regions around the world. That’s why our company is committed to giving back to communities in need by donating a kg of water for every kg of coffee that you drink to Water Wells for Africa. Scuro Coffee also supports farmers in many coffee growing regions around the globe, forming strong business alliances based on fair trade practices that help maintain a self-sufficient and more prosperous future for these members of our global family.

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