At Caffe’ Scuro, coffee roasting is more than a family tradition filled with passion.

Starting over after WWII, grandfather Giovanni moved from Calabria to Naples, taking a modest coffee trading job by the sea, to feed his family. After working there for many years, he had an idea that sparked a dream of creating a legacy of his own in the world of coffee.


He started working on his dream, experimenting with beans that he brought home from work, roasting them over an open fire in a pan. These small batches of home roasted beans were later turned into delicious coffee that he could not stop talking about.


A few years later, to his pleasure, grandfather Giovanni had saved enough buy a very small roasting machine that he used for over a decade. He put his own special touch on the coffee roasting process, making coffee that all of his family and friends truly loved.

At the turn of the century, our family resurrected his passion for coffee roasting. Using his special recipes rooted in the Tostatura Scura Italiana tradition, we began producing and selling small batches of coffee locally.

After a few years in business, we had perfected our grandfather’s coffee roasting recipes. And in 2006, we set up a factory and started selling and shipping coffee outside of Italy, to coffee lovers around the world.

At Scuro Coffee, coffee roasting is more than a family tradition filled with passion. It is a magical feeling to share our extraordinary blends with coffee lovers in a growing number of countries around the globe. And we see our customers as more than distant faces. Even though we’ve never met, when you drink Scuro Coffee, you become a member of our family.

The benefits of drinking our great espresso also reach our global family too. When you drink Scuro Coffee, you support the farmers we get our coffee beans from around the world, breaking the cycle of poverty, helping them live better lives. Our brand also is researching ways to supports the global community through donations to Water Wells for Africa, where our company is looking to donates a matching kg of water for every kg of coffee that you drink.

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Once you try Scuro you never go back to ordinary espresso.  Simply extraordinary taste sharp aromatic velvety!


A thick crema authentic espresso from a true taste of Italy.


Amazing espresso the best espresso money can buy!!!! Love Scuro!


After trying at a Show I placed my first order and since then I never looked else where.


Simply the best espresso I have ever tasted. This is the real taste from the past!!!